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Submitted on Mon, 10/08/2018 - 04:04

Choose Your Sessions!!

This year’s BADCamp is coming up in October, and we’re busy making the magic happen.  On Friday October 26th and Saturday October 27th, we’ll be holding more than 60 sessions, with speakers from all over the US, and a few from farther than that!

So our web wizards have put together a very handy feature on the website: you can look at the sessions for those days, and put together your own schedule. This will make it easy to find what you want at this year’s BADCamp.  It also helps us. If a session in a small room turns out to be crazy popular, we can move it to a bigger room when we know. So tell us!

Ready? So here’s how you do it:

  1. First, if you haven’t already registered for BADCamp, go to the site and register.

  2. Log in to the site...

  3. Done that? Go to the Schedule page and look over the sessions.  You can use the links at the top of the page to limit display to the day, or to topics that interest you.  If you think you’ll want to see that session at BADCamp, push the friendly red  ADD TO SCHEDULE  button for that session.

That’s pretty much it.  The sessions you choose will show up on your My Schedule,   which you can reach via the “My Account” menu on the website.

Build Your BADCamp Schedule

We need your help!

BADCamp is 100% volunteer driven and we need your hands! We need stout hearts to volunteer and help set up, tear down, give directions and so much more! If you are local and can help us, please contact Val at or sign up on our Volunteer Form.


Thanks to Our Sponsors

A BIG thanks, Pantheon & DDEV and all our sponsors. Without them this magical event wouldn’t be possible. Interested in sponsoring BADCamp? Contact or

Would you have been willing to pay for your ticket? If so, then you can give back to the camp by purchasing an individual sponsorship at the level most comfortable for you.

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s BADCamp, Oct 24-27, 2018 in Berkeley, CA.


See you in Berkeley!