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About Bird of a Feather Sessions

On Friday October 26th, and Saturday October 27th, people from all over the US (and beyond) will speak on a wide variety of topics.  Our speakers will be presenting over 60 sessions in all. That's a lot!

But sometimes, you want a bit more on a topic. Maybe people have more questions, or someone got a brilliant idea that just demands more discussion? The solution to your problem? Enter the Bird of a Feather session, better known as a "BoF" (rhymes with "cough"):

Birds of a feather flock together. Like these owls!
Do a BoF, and you too can be in this picture

A BoF is a do-it-yourself session. We supply the room; you supply yourself and other interested BADCampers.  Here's how it works:

  • Go into the Kerr Lobby (where the registration desk is) and look for the large "BoF Whiteboard".
  • Write your BoF topic into the square for the day, time, and room you want.
  • Show up at your room, and discuss your topic with other BADCampers.

Signup is first come, first serve, so sign up for a room as soon as you know you'll want to do your BoF.

We'll be setting aside time slots in these rooms:

  • Eschleman 212 A/B (in the building next to ASUC)
  • Stephens Hall (just off Kerr Lobby)