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October 24

9:00 AM–1:00 PM

9:00 AM–4:30 PM

Backdrop CMS Summit

Marsh Cabaret

Backdrop CMS is a content management system based on the Drupal you know and love, but with a new mission that aims to decrease the cost of long-term website ownership.

At the Backdrop Summit you'll learn about the Backdrop software and its differences from the Drupal CMS. Topics covered will include:

Higher Education Summit

Pauley East

The Higher Education Summit is a unique opportunity for site owners, IT managers, developers, content creators, and agencies dedicated to supporting and advancing the use of Drupal in academia to share, learn, and strengthen our community of practice. Through panels, talks, and ample breakout sessions, participants share and learn from one another’s victories and challenges, and build momentum in cross-institutional initiatives.

Nonprofit Summit

Marsh Theatre

Come with a challenge, leave with a solution. The BADCamp Nonprofit Summit (NPS) is back in Berkeley for 2018 with even more opportunities for nonprofits and developers to collaborate, learn, and grow! 

We’ve got a full day of small-group breakout sessions, all led by nonprofit tech experts. Come to discover new tools and strategies, learn how to use them, and make contacts with other members of the Drupal nonprofit community.

One of the key features of the nonprofit summit is that we take an “unconference” approach followed up with an interactive workshop. 

9:00 AM–5:00 PM

Intermediate to Advanced CSS for Practical Peoples

Stephens Lounge

The goal of this training is to help people who have messed around in CSS wrap their heads around the harder concepts of CSS and go on to show advanced tips and tricks. There'll be discussion, exercises, and fancy slides.

Theme Development


Are you struggling with Drupal 8 theming? New to Drupal or Drupal 8? Let's take it from the top! This hands on training will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a custom theme in Drupal 8.

1:00 PM–5:00 PM

Navigating the Issue Queue - A beginner's guide to contribution (half day training)


Many Drupallers dream of contributing to the Drupal project. But where do you begin? And more importantly, what are some of the tools you use to navigate the adventure successfully?

In this half-day training, we will discuss why contribution to open source is important and look at some of the tools necessary for working in the Drupal issue queue as a new contributor.

October 25

9:00 AM–4:30 PM

DevOps Summit


Want to accelerate development at your organization? The DevOps Summit is about inspiring people (aka YOU) with new processes and tools to help transform ideas into working web applications. We’ll be discussing topics like automated testing, continuous integration, local development, ChatOps, and more. Along the way you’ll have a chance to pick the brains of leading DevOps professionals in the Drupal community. Anyone who is looking to work with happier development teams while saving time and money should attend.

Frontend Summit

Pauley East

Frontend development has evolved more rapidly than any other web discipline over the past several years. We flex and grow to absorb an ever-changing variety of workflows, toolsets, best practices, and technologies. We've got a full day of informal presentations and breakout sessions planned to cover a wide variety of cutting-edge frontend technologies and challenges.

9:00 AM–5:00 PM

Intro to Backdrop CMS


Backdrop CMS is for the small to medium sized business, non-profits, educational institutions, and companies or organizations who are delivering comprehensive websites on a budget. This introductory training will cover the basics of creating and administering a website with Backdrop CMS.

Object Oriented PHP

Stephens Lounge

With the move to Drupal 8 everyone who works in the PHP layer will be exposed to more and more to object­ oriented code.

Come learn the basics of working with objects in PHP and how OOP can help you to write well­ structured code.

October 26

9:00 AM-9:45 AM

Audit Your Theme

front end development / css

Themes can become a beast. Over time, features get added and new patterns get introduced. Tight deadlines may also cause you to make inefficient decisions with the desire to one day go back and refactor. There are also times you will inherit a project built by another team and need to understand how to add on and reduce duplication. How do you size up a theme to ensure you are efficient and not growing out of proportion?

In this session we will explore tools and methodologies that provide insight to keep your theme manageable over time.

Talk nerdy to me: Translating technical jargon into plain speak for the rest of us

being human / people management / content strategy

So you've done something brilliant, and your client doesn't seem to appreciate it. Why is that? How do you get your clients hyped up about the amazing technical solutions you've built? They may ask you, What's the point in getting pumped about APIs? What's "Views", and why does it matter that Views comes bundled in Core? For that matter -- what's Core? Wasn't that a 2003 movie about sending a nuke into the center of the Earth?

10:15 AM-11:00 AM

Accessibility 201: Tales from the Front End

front end development / ux / beyond drupal
Ready to take the next step on accessibility? Come hear cautionary tales of well-intentioned yet inaccessible products! Learn from the struggles of those who’ve gone before, change your mindset, and improve your code.

Burnout: Community problem, community solutions

mental health / community / being human

It’s the middle of the night and you’re awakened by a phone call. What could it be? You’re not on-call this week. You glance at the caller-ID and see that it’s a teammate who has been struggling at work. Maybe it’s a serious outage and they’re escalating it to you? You answer the call to discover your teammate is having a mental health crisis. What do you do?

Late one night in 2016, this happened to me. I realized that I was unequipped to handle the situation and it left me terrified. It also motivated me to get certified in mental health first aid.

Case Study: Massive performance wins at

performance / front end development / automation

Over the past year, Last Call Media has been working with the development team at Massachusetts Digital Services on improving the stability and performance of the platform.  One phase of this journey was to realize some massive performance gains on both the front and the back end of the site.  In the first part of this session, we’ll talk about the backend performance, discussing:

  • How we used Blackfire and New Relic to identify issues

  • What the biggest performance drains were, along with graphs to show the impact.

Data Security in Drupal 8

security / backend development / data

Your website’s data is at risk, but knowing how to protect it can mean the difference between another day in the office and a data breach. By building in encryption from the beginning stages of your site, you will avoid headaches from having to bolt it on after the fact and have more tools at your disposal to keep your users secure.

This session will cover what’s new with security in Drupal, best practices for handling private data (email addresses are they really private), and case studies of real-world examples on how to apply these to your next site.

Embrace the Unknown with a UX Toolkit

ux / design / process

Have you ever had a project go exactly according to plan, without any hiccups or gotchas? More often than not, once a project gets going and the fuzzy warm glow from the kickoff meeting has faded, the reality of project unknowns and assumptions reveals a potentially frightening path ahead - or worse yet, there may be so many unknowns that it seems like there is no clear path ahead. Don’t worry, take a deep breath.

My Journey (Learning Disabled, Fine Artist, & Technology Professional) to the Open Source World.

being human / career development

Like many in our community, I came to opensource from a non-traditional route. In this session I will share my journey to open source technology professional from a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Theatre, Master of Fine Arts in Theater and, a certification in Non-Profit Management.

You might ask, "Your degrees are in what?!"

Lets throw into the melange, severe learning disabilities discovered when I was a child.

11:15 AM-12:00 AM

Coming soon, Drupal 8 and a half!

drupal core

Remember when Drupal 8 was brand new and full of new features?

Are you still excited about Drupal 8? Drupal 8 has added many great features since 8.0.0 and many more features are coming soon(ish). If you haven't started with Drupal 8 or haven't kept up with new features that are being develped for Drupal core, this session is for you.

This presentation is an overview of what Drupal could look like in the near future. We will explore current development that is happening to add new features to Drupal core such as:

Design for Non-designers

design / ux / being human

Great design helps you reach your audience, increase credibility and achieve organizational goals. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s impractical to hire a designer for every visual task—whether it’s editing an image for social media, creating a flyer or an entire website. You may be left to your own devices when it comes to visual decisions.

How Drupal 8 Enabled Us to Help Syrian Refugees Regain Their Freedom

case study

This case study will cover how the architecture of Drupal 8 enabled our web development team at UC Davis to quickly build a highly functional, customized web application that enabled the UC Davis Human Rights Studies Program to implement their Article 26 Backpack Tool for Universal Mobility ( 

The Article 26 Backpack™ empowers young people to plan and structure their higher education, training and career pathways. With the Backpack, they can tell their stories of achievement, accomplishments and ambition.

Mobile accessibility: the good, the bad and the ugly

being human / community / design

Accessibility is important to all – not everyone using your mobile app, device or wearable will be fully functioning: either because they have a disability or they are simply engaged elsewhere. Gian Wild talks about the things that are essential to avoid when designing mobile apps, devices and wearables to ensure that everyone can use them. She talks about specific mobile accessibility features: pinch zoom, native screen readers, haptic keyboard etc, and system accessibility settings: font size, screen rotation, high contrast etc

Open Source Engagement to Empower Business

culture / being human / process

Keystones for successful open source projects include motivated contributors, a collective belief in the goals of the project, and a governance and support model that empowers contributors new and old.  In this session we will explore the science of motivation and examples of systems that apply Open Source practices to effective business management.  You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your teams and why a traditional top-down business model is not the most effective for a healthy team.


1:30 PM-2:15 PM

Building websites with React & Gatsby

site building / decoupled

React started as a way to build apps. People soon discovered that React's ability to render to string meant that React could be used for building websites where shipping a fast HTML version of the site was necessary.

Gatsby is a very popular way to build websites with React and recently became a company with VC backing to take React deep into the world of CMSs.

Learn from Gatsby's creator Kyle Mathews about how Gatsby works and why you should use it for your next website project.

Diversity & Inclusion: Building a Stronger Drupal Community

culture / being human / drupal community

Diverse communities are strong communities, and Drupal is less diverse than it should be. Open source has the potential to transform society for the better, but we are currently missing out on much of that opportunity. We can make the Drupal project better by making the Drupal community a place where a wider range of people can participate and contribute their knowledge and skills.

Don't fear templates! Using Twig templates with Nodes, Views, and the new Layout Initiative

front end development

Even today, with Twig templates in Drupal 8, it's common to see sites being made with some of the hacks to avoid writing templates (I'm looking at you hidden Views fields being used in a psudotemplate) and people using a wide range of modules that often do nothing but add a small amount of static HTML to node output (social sharing, social commenting, third party integrations in general), or layout tools that essentially just shift the hassle of writing templates to the hassle of themeing extremely generic output. 

How to keep Drupal relevant in the Git-based and API-driven CMS era

apis / beyond drupal / decoupled

How many times have you ever heard? "Choose the right tool for the job" or "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

The Drupal community is embracing the "Get off the island" mantra. Modernizing Drupal was the goal of the latest Drupal 8 release, but technology moves faster than the awesome community could improve our beloved platform.

During this session, you will learn: 

Meta and Schema: Defining the Content about your Content

content strategy / site building / editor experience

You know how your content looks on your own website, on desktops, laptops and phones, but how does it look when it leaves your site? Using open source protocols like, Open Graph, and W3C specified meta data to markup your structured data, you can help boost your content’s chances of outperforming its competition in search engines, and shared on social media sites.

What's for Dinner? Using Predictive UX to Help Users Decide

big ideas / ux / data

Making decisions is difficult. To put this into perspective, picture yourself trying to decide what’s for dinner. You go on your favorite meal ordering app to find something which offers you hundreds of options that you have to browse through and choose from. Now imagine that same application could predict what you’re in the mood for and display only those options, without you having to do a thing!

2:30 PM-3:15 PM

Component Based Theming With UI Patterns and Pattern Lab

front end development / site building

Since the release of Drupal 8, great strides have been made to develop a component based theming workflow that takes advantage of the best that Twig has to offer and also plays nice with living style guides and pattern libraries. Gone are the days of redundant styles and markup, making way for the efficiencies found when Drupal and tools like Pattern Lab can share the exact same code. That said, handling the mapping of data between Drupal and your component library can still be quite complicated and difficult to coordinate on larger cross-functional teams.  

Drupal 8 Case Study – Stanford Cantor Arts Center Redesign

case study / architecture / content strategy

In the Spring of 2017, Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center came to Hook 42 with a project to redesign their aging website with a shiny new Drupal 8 website that would allow the museum’s exemplary visual arts exhibits and photographic assets take center stage. What followed was a development cycle full of rigorous content strategy, front-end design, and back-end development that culminated in the newly-launched Cantor Arts Center website.

Introduction to Decoupled Drupal 8 + GatsbyJS + React

architecture / apis / beyond drupal

Decoupling Drupal is nothing new but it remains a great way to building websites that go beyond Drupal.  In the past couple of years so many tools and options have become available which allows for a decoupled Drupal solution.  Today we will learn about GatsbyJS, a react based Static Site Generator (SSG), that makes it easy to built a React Front-End while keeping the power of Drupal in the back end as well as all the editorial tools Drupal offers.

Introduction to Pragmatic Functional PHP

php / performance / testing

Functional programming is a paradigm with origins in lambda calculus and the 1930's. Stack Overflow's developer surveys from both 2017 and 2018 show that the languages optimized for functional programming are low in popularity. However, the same survey recognizes that developers actually working in Elixir, Clojure, F#, and Haskell, actually love their languages much more than PHP or C developers.

So functional programming is unpopular but fun!

Protect This Drupal House: How to Run and Respond to a Security Audit

security / site building

If you work on Drupal sites that include forms, varied user profiles, paywalls, eCommerce features, integrations or API codes stored in the database, you’re particularly concerned with security—and could benefit from a security audit. But what is it and how do you run one? And what do you do once you’ve performed your security audit? Whether you’re building a site and want to adhere to Drupal security best practices or are working with an already-existing site and need to secure it, this session is for you.

Why Documentation matters (even when it shouldn't)

process / drupal community / culture

Documenting the work that has been done is often overlooked & under-prioritized.  Which is a shame, since it can provide benefits long after the engineering process has moved on. More a ringmaster than a sideshow, documentation can show off amazing code & beautiful UI in ways few other efforts beat. Writing the docs is seen as unnecessary or a waste of time.  This session will provide a litany of reasons to push back on leaving out documentation from delivering a feature.   

3:45 PM-4:30 PM

Command line basics for site builders

site building / devops / process

As a site-builder-turned-developer, I know just how intimidating the command line can be.  In this session, I'll demystify the command line, and empower YOU, the site builder. With a basic grasp of the command line, you'll work more quickly, do more, and understand some of the tech behind your Drupal site.

We'll cover: 

* The basics of the command line: What's a terminal? How is this thing a text editor? How do I navigate my file structure? 

* What's the difference between SSH and SFTP? 

* What is version control and how in the heck do you use git? 

Config Management for Drupal Multi-site and Distributions

architecture / process / backend development
Drupal 8's Configuration Management System is a modern marvel. We now have a standard way to export, store, and import configuration files. When working on a single site, built on a fresh Drupal 8 install, the process is pretty straightforward and there are many tools to help along the way. But what if you're building lots of similar sites? Like a multi-site? Or maybe a Drupal Distribution? Or Install Profile? Or Sub-Profile? In Drupal 7 we had Features. Do we still need that?

Drupal 8 Configuration System Basics

backend development / process / drupal core

The Drupal 8 configuration system can provide great advantages to managing the configuration of a site, but it can also cause massive headaches if used improperly. This presentation will provide an overview of how the Drupal 8 configuration system works, best practices on basic workflows to utilize it effectively, and a small sampling of some of the contributed modules available to enhance it.

This presentation is designed for Drupal site-builders, developers, and project managers interested in learning basic best practices of the Drupal 8 configuration system. 

Module & Architecture Development + Drupal Composer, Custom Entities, and Plugins

architecture / backend development

We'll review some of my findings while learning and building web applications in Drupal 8.

We'll go over architecture options for web applications built in Drupal 8. Modern PHP dependency management with Composer, Content Entities vs Nodes and when each is appropriate. We'll look at some excellent combinations of contrib modules and glue code to create flexible architectures.

Who is this for?

Though extensive experience with these is not necessary, you are at least familiar with:

Pivoting in a Project: Strategies for adjusting to scope changes

project management / process / big ideas

As a Project Manager, Strategist, Developer, Designer, or Stakeholder, we are all part of the puzzle—and it's crucial to keep sight of the big picture—even when we’re required to pivot from the original plan. Pivots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be a minor change that’s quickly integrated into scope or a major departure that alters the entire course of the project.

4:45 PM-5:30 PM

Advanced Webforms

site building

The Webform module for Drupal 8 provides all the features expected from an enterprise proprietary form builder combined with the flexibility and openness of Drupal. Everything and anything is customizable in the Webform module. You can build any type of form that pushes submission data to any system.

Configuration Workflow Automation

site building / process / devops

Configuration management has only gotten more complex as Drupal 8 has matured. With Config 2.0 going full speed ahead, some improvements are coming. Unfortunately, our dream of being able to save configuration directly to files won't happen, and the community has created complex workflows to work around the problem of storing configuration in the database.

Drupal 8 Custom Module Architecture: What’s Going On?

backend development / architecture / php

It is all fun and games modifying existing code, but what about when you have to venture out to unknown waters and create your own custom module? Don’t worry! We can get through this together!

This talk is a deep dive into creating custom modules from scratch, and the role of each component in the final product.

Let’s consider when it is appropriate to leverage custom development, explore the anatomy of a custom module, the types of expected files in a custom module, and the wonderful world of what you can do with a custom module (spoiler - it is a lot!).

Site Building 2.0: How Layout Builder will change everything

drupal core / editor experience / site building

Come get an all access preview of how your next generation Drupal sites are going to work with Layout Builder.


Layout Builder is a new experimental module for Drupal 8 and its implications are vast. In this session we're going to dig into the site builder implications of this new tool and how it's going to change your builds for the better.


Solutions for complexity: Inter-agency collaboration in local government

case study / people management / project management

Are you a stakeholder? Do you work for an agency as a designer, engineer, or product manager? Are you a citizen wondering how your government’s website can serve you better?

Exygy & Kalamuna are focused on solving health and civic challenges for communities around the globe. We believe resilient communities are ones that thrive when they have strong social systems and resources to support families and individuals in their day-to-day lives.

October 27

10:15 AM-11:00 AM

Best Practices: How We Run Decoupled Websites with 110 Million Hits per Month

decoupled / scaling / devops

This sessions will lift the curtain of the biggest Decoupled Website that we run at Amazee.

It will cover:

  • How we project is setup in terms of Git Repos, Team structures
  • How it is hosted on Kubernetes and what we specifically learned from hosting Decoupled within Docker & Kubernetes
  • The CDN and reverse proxy caching architecture with 3 places where the CDN is caching requests
  • Other things we learned running such a big website

Hot Dog/Not Hot Dog: Artificial Intelligence with Drupal

backend development / beyond drupal / apis

In a world where everyone has the ability to post anything online, it becomes critical for site owners wanting to maintain their brand reputation to curate what is published. How can content editors keep up with reviews when there's a steady stream of content submissions? Enter the robots.

Keeping your Drupal 8 Site Alive: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Compleat Idiot

site building / backend development / being human

Everyone loves Drupal but sometimes things go horribly wrong, often in spectacular and mysterious ways. Using real-world examples from more than a decade of building and troubleshooting high-profile Drupal websites, this session will provide a common sense overview for what do to when things go south. Whether you are new to Drupal or a seasoned pro looking to level up your troubleshooting game, this session will provide hard-earned lessons, techniques, and strategies for getting your broken site back on the road. 

You will learn:

Sandbox CI/CD Environments for Everyone

devops / automation / testing

If your project is hosted with one of the BIG-3 Drupal hosting providers, then your team is most likely already enjoying some sort of sandboxing solution provided by them. You commit code, a CI build runs, and a new sandbox (CD / multidev / on-the-fly) environment is magically provisioned for you. Life is good!

Sandbox environments improve your development workflow with:

The Drupal Fork: Backdrop CMS -- Live Demo

beyond drupal / site building / editor experience

Backdrop CMS is the Drupal fork. It is a faster and less-complex version of Drupal 7 with more features you want, and fewer you don't.

This session will provide a live demo that will highlight some of the key differences between Backdrop CMS and Drupal.

You'll get a chance to see some of the many user experience improvements, and find about some of the new features that have been included recently.

If you love Drupal, you'll probably also love Backdrop CMS. Come see it in action to find out!

11:15 AM-12:00 PM

Beyond Herding Cats: Lessons for Project Management in a Small Agency

being human / people management / project management
I have found that most project management resources and education are geared towards large companies. Small agencies have their own specific challenges, and this is especially true for project managers. As the lead PM for two small agencies (< 3 developers per team), I've learned a lot about how to scale down processes and streamline meetings for smaller teams. In this session, I'd like to share what I've learned.

Feeds UI + Migrate Engine = Dream Migrations and Imports

backend development / process / community

Feeds and Migrate were two primary contrib modules used for data import since early versions of Drupal.  Quick comparison of two modules: Feeds module has great friendly UI that allows site builders configure and import data, Migrate is built for developers with power to perform complex backend data processing but UI for this module was less than ideal.

In D8 migrate module is in core to support one-click upgrades from earlier Drupal versions – great news. In the hallway of Baltimore DrupalCon maintainers of Feeds and Migrate started conversation about using migrate engine to power Feeds UI – seems to be a win-win solution for everyone – developers, site builders, content managers, end users. 

Gitlab Has come to

culture / devops / big ideas

Come learn about the 3 phases   we will be using to deploying gitlab on  

Phase 1: Replacing's Git backend

The first phase of the migration

Which Accessibility Tools are Right for You?

front end development / process

As an organization who needs to step up their accessibility compliance, accessibility testing and remediation is a big deal.

Accessibility testing has a lot of moving parts! There are so many tools. So many! Plugins, suites, crawlers, dashboards, CI tests, and more.

1:30 PM-2:15 PM

Building Effective Drupal Teams within Larger Organizations

people management / process / being human

A significant segment of the Drupal community is made up of web/digital agencies, freelance developers, and others focused on delivering value to clients.  A small-but-growing segment of Drupalistas find themselves on the other side: embedded within departments and organizations who would traditionally be clients of these groups.

Four Brain Hacks to Manage Clients and Win

career development / people management / beyond drupal

(ALL skill levels – *Not* a technical talk.)

That heart-attack-moment. Your client is freaking-out, right now; right in your face with a full-blown meltdown! At the end of it all they always ask that same question, "So what are you going to do about this!?..."

Friendly Stalking: Learning from your users (without being creepy)

ux / content strategy / site building

As site owners, it’s impossible for us to serve our users better without knowing a little bit about them -- what’s working for them, and what isn’t. There are a number of high-impact but unobtrusive ways to learn more about how users interact with your site and your brand. In fact, you might be surprised at the information you can learn about your users with nothing more than Google Analytics.

2:30 PM-3:15 PM

If it Ain't Broke… Does Your Website Need a Refresh or Rebuild?

ux / architecture / design

Does your website need some love? Is it time to start from scratch and rebuild?  What if you could meet your goals AND continue to make progress on your site without the major expense and time commitment of a full rebuild? 

Often you can evolve the investment in your existing website with a Focused Fix.  Making targeted updates allow you to focus on addressing a few key issues, while still leveraging the investment of time, energy and funds that went into your site's foundation. Come to learn how to improve your website experience right where it needs it the most. 

Implementing better visitor analytics

site building / apis

For most projects analytics is an "enable it and forget about it" step in site building, but this misses a lot of the capability that Google Analytics provides to better understand user behaviour on your site.  A new Google Analytics module is available, built specifically for Drupal 8's object oriented architecture and compatibility with new web security features like Content Security Policy.  With a bit of custom code for your site, you can unlock new capabilities beyond just tracking page views:

Introducing the Drupal Quality Initiative

big ideas / business / drupal community

After writing many Drupal modules but finally faced with releasing my first Drupal contributed module (, I was faced with the following questions:

  • When do I consider the quality high enough to let others use the module? When do move it from Alpha to Beta then to Production Ready?

It turned out not to be easy questions to answer. And right away it raised these questions: Is it quality of the software? What about the quality of the person or team creating the software?

Upgrade your Drupal 7 site to Backdrop CMS in just three simple steps!

beyond drupal / site building / php

Have you invested years in building and maintaining your current Drupal 7 site? Are you worried about the budget and time needed to rebuild everything in Drupal 8 with its entirely new architecture? If so, you should consider upgrading to Backdrop CMS!

Backdrop is the true successor to Drupal 7, building upon its sturdy foundation and making long-awaited improvements in user experience. And thanks to a commitment to backwards compatibility, Drupal 7 sites can be upgraded directly to Backdrop without rebuilding things from scratch!

3:45 PM-4:30 PM

Demystifying Pattern Libraries and Drupal 8

front end development / design / beyond drupal

Pattern libraries (living style guides) have existed for years as a way to formalize design systems across applications. In the past year or so a number of compelling modules and themes have emerged to integrate pattern libraries with Drupal 8.

This session will be a survey of the Pattern Library-Drupal ecosystem and offer some advice on how to efficiently take advantage of atomic design, component-based theming and pattern libraries on your next project. Other designs systems will be given their due, but most of the time will be spent on Pattern Lab.

Let's learn Git. No more excuses.

devops / backend development / site building

Whether it is for re-using the same code, experimenting with your code quickly and efficiently, or just for better document management, one of the most important leaps any site builder will ever take in their path towards becoming a developer is learning a version control system, or VCS.  Since Git is the standard VCS over 80% of developers, lets roll up our sleeves and dive in.  The benefits far outweigh the efforts needed to learn this tooling.  Once you start, you will wonder why it took you so long to unleash the power of this awesome tech.  

Maximum PhpStorm

php / backend development / front end development

As developers we struggle everyday to solve problems and we rely on development tools to help us puzzle through those problems. Years ago, I adopted PhpStorm to augment my skills and in doing so I've learned a lot of ways how to gain the most out of the tool.

Come as we break through the levels of complexity and level up your skills as we talk about: