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Submitted on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 07:09

We are looking forward to seeing you and are excited to share some last minute logistical details and tips for making the most of your time at BADCamp.

But wait: I’m still looking for a hotel room. Anything left??

Hotels are pretty booked in Berkeley but we checked with The Graduate and they still have some rooms left.

Give their reservation number a call at (510) 845-8981 and you’ll stay with at least 50 fellow BADCampers!

Where is everything? Where do I go?

  • Check out the Event Timeline to find out what is happening when.

  • Check out the Venues page to see what is happening where.

Where do I go to pick up my badge & register?

Central BADCamp registration opens at 8:30 am each morning on the 3rd Floor of the MLK Student Union Building.

If you are attending the Nonprofit or Backdrop Summit, badges will be available at the Marsh so no need to stop by central registration in the morning. Be sure to come by the main BADCamp space at lunch break or after your summit to say hi!

Map to Marsh Art Center

2120 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

What’s the 411 on food and beverage?

As always, BADCamp will provide an endless supply of coffee, tea and water.

Wednesday & Thursday

  • All Trainings & Summits will have light snacks in the morning.

  • For lunch, head outside to discover some of Berkeley’s best food!

  • Stop by the Sponsor Expo on Thursday for speciality coffees.


Parking at Berkeley can be extremely challenging. Consider taking public transportation whenever possible.  

Anything else to know?

  • Wear good shoes! You will do a lot of walking.

  • Bring layers, or donate at the $100 level and you’ll get an awesome 2018 t-shirt, cool BADCamp socks, and a cozy BADCamp hoodie!

  • The BADCamp Contribution Lounge is open all 4 days of camp from 9:30am! We welcome and encourage you to participate!  See the link for the location.

  • Did we mention the outside activities? At night?
    Bring something warm and maybe even a hat and gloves for the night time activities!

We need your help!

BADCamp is 100% volunteer driven and we need your hands! We need stout hearts to volunteer and help set up, tear down, give directions and so much more!  If you are local and can help us, please sign up on our Volunteer Form.  

Our biggest needs:

  1. Registration Volunteers

  2. Session Monitors (sign up for ones you are already in!)

  3. Trainings (sign up for ones you are already in!)

  4. Higher Ed Summit



A BIG thanks, Pantheon & DDEV and all our sponsors who have committed early. Without them this magical event wouldn’t be possible. We are also looking for MORE sponsors to help keep BADCamp free and awesome. Interested in sponsoring BADCamp? Contact or

Would you have been willing to pay for your ticket?  If so, then you can give back to the camp by purchasing an individual sponsorship at the level most comfortable for you. As our thanks, we will be handing out some awesome BADCamp swag as our thanks. Pantheon DDev 

See You At BADCamp!!