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Every year at BADCamp we bring together people who want to share their knowledge with people thirsty to learn. Consider sharing your skills or a notable site with your community. You don’t have to be an experienced speaker. All you need is a something interesting to share and a rocking set of slides.
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Session submissions close on Tuesday, August 21 at 11:59 PT, so don't delay!

This year instead of tracks we are asking session presenters to assign their presentation with up to 3 of the topic tags in the submission form.
Check out the session proposals so far. See something missing? That’s where you come in.

Making Presentation Magic

How do you truly connect with the audience during your presentation and create presentation magic? Tell us your story!

The most inspiring and impactful sessions are the ones where the presenter shares where they started, brings us through the stumbling blocks they encountered and finally shows us where they ended up. It means being a human connecting with other humans.

People definitely want to hear the technical parts but *your story* is what sparks new ideas and moves people to improve their work or the work of their team. Show them the path you just traveled and they will want to do the same thing—any maybe more.

Start With Your Takeaways

When designing your talk, start with the takeaways. What do you want people to leave with? Knowing that you can then make sure that each point and each slide contributes to those goals. Talks that are tight and never lose sight of their goals are a joy to experience and the time flies by.

Here is an example:

  • What People Will Get From My Talk
  • Becoming a good project manager takes time and practice.
  • “There are no technical issues—just people issues.”
  • Go easy on yourself. No one was born being good at this. I certainly wasn’t.

Have another look at the topic tags above and submit your session idea today!