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Deploying Applications in 2018. A Journey Through Time

It used to be easy to deploy applications, you just deploy a VM on DigitalOcean, SSH into it, set up your LAMP stack and go from there.

What is all the excitement about AWS, Provisioning, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless? You are still using DigitalOcean and are happy with it? If you asked yourself that question, I will give you the answer.

This session will walk you through the evolution of application deployment strategies and practices, starting from manual server deployment and ending in cloud infrastructure orchestration best practices.

You will learn:

  • How to provision servers and infrastructure in the cloud in 2018
  • How to deploy complex applications in the cloud and keep them steady
  • How to design applications for the cloud


This is an overview session of different practices and concepts with some examples of implementations. Mainly just a quick look at the industry standards for application deployment. The session doesn't require any prior knowledge of deployment practices, but prior experience in the cloud hosting would help understand the concepts

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