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The Digital Personalization Effect

A three part blog series has inspired this session that dives into real life situations where Personalization (or lack thereof) has impacted my life from not only a personal perspective but business perspective as well. I will go through my own experiences with Personalization, why this has become such an important component in the digital world, and how it affects us in our day to day.


What will be covered:

Storytelling of:

  • Personalization interactions

  • User/Customer Experience, and

  • User/Customer Journeys.

How Digital personalization and human personalization makes such a large impact and how the combination of them create the best user experiences and user journeys.

What to consider when taking on a Personalization project

Thoughts on how you can improve your brand/image, etc with Personalization and how you can turn that into great user experiences for your customers/audience.

Thoughts on where the User Journey is going, now and into the future.

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