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Diversity & Inclusion: Building a Stronger Drupal Community

October 26 1:30 PM-2:15 PM

Watch the session video here.

Diverse communities are strong communities, and Drupal is less diverse than it should be. Open source has the potential to transform society for the better, but we are currently missing out on much of that opportunity. We can make the Drupal project better by making the Drupal community a place where a wider range of people can participate and contribute their knowledge and skills.

The Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DDI) group is working to make the Drupal community more equitable and more successful. The group of volunteers was founded in 2016 and works to create space for important discussions about the Drupal community and for initiatives that support historically-marginalized communities and further their inclusion in the Drupal project.  Specifically welcoming persons of color, abilities, genders, religions, gender identities, nationalities, faith identities, ages, and more and ensuring community members feel represented and supported throughout Drupal governance structures.

This talk will cover:

  • Why diversity is important to building a stronger community and platform. 
  • The meanings of terms like privilege and intersectionality.
  • How we encode biases into the software and communities we create.
  • The state of diversity in Drupal and open source in general.
  • What the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion group is doing to improve representation, engagement, and leadership.
  • Ways to get involved in improving the diversity of the Drupal community. 
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