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How Drupal 8 Enabled Us to Help Syrian Refugees Regain Their Freedom

October 26 1:30 PM-2:15 PM

Watch the video session here.

This case study will cover how the architecture of Drupal 8 enabled our web development team at UC Davis to quickly build a highly functional, customized web application that enabled the UC Davis Human Rights Studies Program to implement their Article 26 Backpack Tool for Universal Mobility ( 

The Article 26 Backpack™ empowers young people to plan and structure their higher education, training and career pathways. With the Backpack, they can tell their stories of achievement, accomplishments and ambition.

At its core, it provides them with a way to safely store and share with universities, scholarship agencies, and even employers their educational background, employment history, professional achievements and goals. The Backpack builds pathways of connection and inclusion for all, especially refugee and at-risk young people.

I will be covering the technical and architectural details of the build as well as touching on the project management methodology that assisted with our ability to deliver a solution quickly and save the client from a failed previous engagement.

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