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Introducing Campaign Kit

Campaign Kit is a new module that provides multiple functions to accept donations, including:

• standalone donation campaigns with fixed goals and/or end dates
• peer-to-peer campaigns

Rather of the boring "Would you like to support us with a donation?" call-to-action, instead create campaigns that have goals and let people know how the campaign is doing.

Or, even better, involve your community by letting individuals create their own "child campaigns" that are part of the larger campaign that you set up. These peer-to-peer campaigns have their own smaller goals and their own campaign page that your supporters can share over social media.

Because the module is located on your Drupal site, you get greater control of the functionality and the theming.

To get a sense of how the module works (without the events), see this page on The module ships with the Stripe payment processor plugins.

This presentation is an updated and expanded version of the one given at the 2017 Non-Profit and Higher-Education Summits at BADCamp.

The presentation is by the module designer André Angelantoni, Founder of; it is suitable for all experience levels.

Project documentation located at GitBook.

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