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Learn as you organise!

There are many ways you learn anything new that interests you, like attending classes for the same, talking to ones who have done it already etc. But what I believe is that the best way to learn something is by doing it practically!

Here, I am talking about learnings you can get while organising an event (example local Drupal Camps). In my opinion, there are so many things one can acquire when working towards making the event successful and that is what I will be presenting in this session.

Session Overview:

This session targets the audience who are new to the community and would like to understand how and what can be learned as an organiserĀ of an event in Drupal Community.

The session will contain:

  • How to look for an event?
  • Which kind of event to go for?
  • What to focus on?
  • How to gain maximum learning out of it?
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