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Live arrays

Ultimately, what we want to accomplish is to interact with a person and to provide some functionality. Programming in PHP or learning Drupal objects is incidental to the results.

Live arrays define a website: its layout, functionality, and even its queries in a way that is theoretically language-independent. Using this system of conceptualizing and implementing website, configuration data gets tightly coupled with dynamically loaded data and code. Configuring a website with live arrays can dissolve the need for encrusted Drupal modules such as Ctools, Views, Rules, and Feeds.

The concept is much broader than just Drupal or PHP, much less about anyone's favorite version of Drupal or PHP.

It is about a language-independent paradigm for defining and configuring systems of all sorts in a language-independent manner and it just happens to have examples worked out in versions 7 of PHP and Drupal.

The concept is shown implementing all of the following examples:

* data import / export (not using Feeds, Feeds Tamper, Migrate, Features)
* data query and manipulation (not using Views, Feeds)
* screen layouts (not using Panels)
* dynamic multi-page forms (not using Webform)
* extensible logic (not using Rules)
* and even dynamic CSS generation (not using Sass, Scss, Less, etc.)

For people implementing headless Drupal and co-existent non-Drupal-native apps, live arrays offer hope for standardizing website functionality across different platforms.

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