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Making Accessibility Audits Easy: Tips and Tricks For Auditing

October 27 3:45 PM-4:30 PM

Watch the session video here.

Everyone knows we need to make our websites ADA compliant, whether it is WCAG or 508, but what does it take to make sure a site is truly meeting this criteria? Knowing the basics of accessibility and how it relates to you, your users, and your website is the first step. Then, with a background of what accessibility means, we can use that knowledge to successfully audit any site and find out what it takes to make it a great experience for everyone. We will take some time and dive into some recommended automated tools to use, and go over some basic screen reader commands to test your site!

NOTE: The screen reader portion of this demo will be using Mac's proprietary screen reader "Voiceover (VO)" which will vary slightly from other assistive technologies like NVDA and Jaws.

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