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More than Mommy: Finding Myself Through the Drupal Community

What happens when you finish college and still don't know what you want to be? When you have to enter the workforce and start your life with no clear vision of where you might end up professionally? That's exactly what I had to find out the hard way. I spent years working uninspiring, thankless jobs that paid the bills. I got married and had a son, then had no identity other than "wife" and "mommy." I was hopelessly lost, depressed, and my worst self.

Joining an agency and getting involved in the Drupal community quite literally changed my life. I found something I'm passionate about, makes me excited to get up and work in the morning, and helped shape my identity as a professional woman. This is my story about my struggles and how I've come out the other side empowered, happier, and a better all-around person for everyone in my life.

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