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Navigating the Issue Queue - A beginner's guide to contribution (half day training)

October 24 1:00 PM–5:00 PM

Many Drupallers dream of contributing to the Drupal project. But where do you begin? And more importantly, what are some of the tools you use to navigate the adventure successfully?

This training is intended for ANYONE who wants to learn how to contribute, not just those who are new to tech. No coding knowledge is required - there are plenty of ways to give back to Drupal without having to code.

In this half-day training, we will discuss why contribution to open source is important and look at some of the tools necessary for working in the Drupal issue queue as a new contributor.

Tools of the trade:

  • Local Drupal environment
  • Git Client
  • Dreditor

There will also be a hands on workshop demonstrating the process of finding a bug, creating an issue, writing a patch, uploading the fix to, and then reviewing the patch for RTBC (Reviewed and Tested By the Community).


  • A positive attitude about contributing back to open source software.

  • A willingness to learn.

  • A basic understanding of Drupal.

  • A laptop - preferably with a working local Drupal environment (but not necessary as we will go over some of the steps for setup).

About the Trainer(s):

AmyJune is an active member and contributor in the Drupal community. As a Community Lead, she believes that giving back to an open source project should be easy and fun.

John has helped facilitate contribution sprints at multiple Drupal Camps, Global Training Days, and at DrupalCon. He enjoys introducing new and beginning users to Drupal, and participating in activities to grow the Drupal Community.

Daniel is just here to win.

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