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Submitted on Tue, 09/18/2018 - 16:45
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One of the best things about BADCamp is that it happens in Berkeley.  Berkeley is a GREAT town: it's right on the San Francisco Bay, with places to see, and also, great food at many cool restaurants.   Our friends at Promet Source have put together a list of five of their favorite places in Our Fair City of Berkeley. Check them out!

1. The Cheese Board Collective

As a devoted pizza lover, this 47 year old co-op was a no-brainer to include. From delicious baked goods, to the option to purchase cheese to go, you can't go wrong! They also have a new flavor of vegetarian pizza each day, mmm.

Cheese Board Collective

2. Berkeley Marina

If you're looking for a good place to enjoy the outdoors, then you should check out the Berkeley Marina. A nice place to stroll, and have a picnic, possibly with cheese and bread from the Cheese Board Collective!

Berkeley Marina at Dusk

3. Tilden Regional Park

If you're an early riser, or even a night-owl and still have energy after BADCamp, then you should check out Tilden Regional Park. Full of all types of flora, this park will absolutely inspire you in the best way. They even have a steam train to ride- Come on!

Tilden Regional Park

4. Berkeley Campus

As you'll be visiting the University for BADCamp, it makes sense to get a good look around. The Berkeley Campus offers a variety of tours including a free one, and don't forget to check out the Greek Theatre as well!

UC Berkeley Campus

5. Grizzly Peak

If you're the type who loves to get an aerial view of the places you're visiting you're in luck. About a 15 minute drive from campus is an unforgettable place to see breathtaking views, especially at sunset. Beware, the drive up is a bit steep, so if you're not comfortable driving in the mountains, take a Lyft!

Grizzly Peak Sunset