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101 Usability improvements (more reasons to choose Backdrop CMS)

In this session we'll showcase many of the user experience improvements that went into (and are still going into...) Backdrop CMS.

Because Backdrop's audience is a slightly less technical crowd than Drupal's it was important that the software be more intuitive and easier for everyone learn. Because many Backdrop projects may be also be considering WordPress as a software solution, Backdrop needed to be nearly as straightforward while still retaining it's ability to produce more flexible highly customized websites.

Come see some of the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between Drupal and Backdrop CMS, including:

  • The status indicator
  • The Admin bar search box
  • Use of Configre vs Edit
  • The UTF8-MB4 update button
  • Copy / Paste image uploading
  • and more!

As we weave through the list of improvements, we'll also note where effort has gone into contributing similar improvements back into the Drupal project.

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