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Command line basics for site builders

October 26 3:45 PM-4:30 PM

Watch the session video here.

As a site-builder-turned-developer, I know just how intimidating the command line can be.  In this session, I'll demystify the command line, and empower YOU, the site builder. With a basic grasp of the command line, you'll work more quickly, do more, and understand some of the tech behind your Drupal site.

We'll cover: 

* The basics of the command line: What's a terminal? How is this thing a text editor? How do I navigate my file structure? 

* What's the difference between SSH and SFTP? 

* What is version control and how in the heck do you use git? 

* Why should I use Drush? And more importantly, *how* do I use Drush? 

* How do I manage configuration via the command line? 

* What is Composer and how do I use it? 

I aim to have every attendee walk away with at least five commands they feel comfortable using right away, plus some conceptual frameworks that will help them move on to bigger, more challenging tools. 

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