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Community Out(r)age, aka DIY DrupalCon

Community Out(r)age  a.k.a. DIY DrupalCON


What if there would be no Drupalcon?


What if there would be no DrupalCON next year? This is exactly what happened to the European community while they were preparing for  Vienna in 2017, The proposed solution was to promote camps and see what for a licence DrupalCon Europe would have in 2019.

A group of 12 entthausiasts in Vienna were not willing to accept that there would be no big European Drupal event in 2018 and spent the whole conference sprinting on how the community could create an alternative.

It was named Drupal Europe.
Meanwhile the group has changed a bit in enthusiasts but is still about the same size at its core.

 Since Vienna, the group has met on a weekly basis for status meetings and in between worked on concepts/topics related to the event. First priority was to find a venue and location to organise Drupal Europe.

The key location requirements where that it could facilitate quality as well as be affordable. This was the big challenge, we knew not to search in metropolitan or capital areas.

The call for venues delivered us with 13 options of whom one was not in Europe but Australia.

After careful consideration and validating all the pros and cons, one proposal stood out.

Drupal Europe will be held in September 2018 in Darmstadt, Germany.

The event is collaboratively organised by the “Drupal Europe” and the “Drupal Germany” foundations.

Collaborations beyond region or nationality has been proven to be worthwhile over the past few years. Good examples are IronCamp, Drupal Developers Days  Frontend United as well as Drupalcamp Nordics.
These collaborations are good for our community and for aligning the mostly national oriented business in Europe.

Now we've seen that even hough the hardships in the process Drupal Europe was a success, so we can deep dive into future plans and collaborations.

In this session i explore all our colllabrative efforts and achievements in the past year as well as plans for what's next .in organisation as welll as  business point of view.


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Community Building.

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