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Gatsby and the JAMstack: An introduction for the Drupal/LAMP minded

October 26 10:15 AM-11:00 AM

Watch the session video here.

The "JAMstack" is some great branding that describes websites that are built entirely by javascript, API calls, and served as completely static pages.
Compared to LAMP platforms like Drupal and Wordpress, JAMstack has four huge things going for it:

1. High traffic sites that cost thousands of dollars a month could transition to a single server + CDN on low tier hosting (under 100 dollars a month)

2. New developers are flocking to JAMstack technologies, while LAMP CMS community size has slowed.

3. It's all in one language: Javascript

4. Static HTML pages have few vectors for hackers to attack.

Gatsby is one of the leading JAMstack based static page generators, and integrating it with Drupal is
the focus of this talk. Gatsby is not a replacement for Drupal. Drupal still controls the content, the site structure, as well as how content is created. All gatsby handles is "little things" like the public facing site.
Over the last few months we've been developing a "Gatsby Drupal Kit" to help jump start gatsby-drupal integrations. This kit is designed to work with a minimal drupal install as a jumping off point, and give a structure that can be extended to much larger, more complicated sites.

Participants will leave the talk with the following: 

1. A base drupal 8 site that is connected with gatsby  (If you choose to follow along) .  

2. Best practices for making gatsby work for real sites in production.

3. Sane patterns for translating drupal's structure into gatsbylese components, templates, and pages.

This is not an advanced session for those already familiar with react and gatsby. This is more geared to experienced developers who are not yet aware of what say... a react component is. Recommended prerequisites are a basic knowledge of npm package management, git, css, drupal, web services, and javascript.

Our in progress starter kit (unstable):

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