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Get off your islands.

Get off your islands, and chat to collaborate with each other.
Get off your islands, and build projects together.
Get off your islands, and lose your company restrictions.
Get off your islands, and together play this game.

This session will handle on how we tend not to collaborate and contribute in own best or company interest.
Give away the story behind a few successes, followed by a BoF to share yours.

Not just within our own Drupal community but also cross FOSS discipline.
All these free and open technologies have so far strenghned one other whenever people really collaborated.

Looking at the findings from Drupal Europe, we've seen it between Drupal and Symphony, Wordpress and Drupal, and Drupal, Mautik and other solutions.

Now its up to us to us the community to start setting a new course and not just finally collaborate amongst ourselves but also and hop off our cosy and isolated islands.
And collaborate togerther for all Free and open Source greater good.

This session is aimed at for business, community and programmer people alike. for only together we can make this work up to the next level.

Some recent links from breaktrough collaborations:…

If you look at Drupal from a birds eye view its the best in 3 things:

-- complex content modeling
-- keeping proper revisions on that
-- Maintaining secure and absolute access to the revisions.

After that its not so hard to stick in workflow and maintaining some open minded business logic.
If you want to go and play with realtime information its far from optimal or handling revisions and proper meta versioning on big files.

So by collaborating with other Free and Open source we as Drupal can remain integral player in the game.

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