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Internet 101: Things everyone assumed I knew, but I did not.

Even Sherlock Holmes doesn’t know everything. There are simply too many acronyms and technologies to understand.

This talk will discuss some of the concepts I’ve touched, but never really understood with a focus on computer networking. Let’s look underneath the hood and see what’s going on.

This talk is about why RTFM (read the full manual) is so useful (if time were infinite). Hopefully you will learn something new, or come to a deeper understanding of a concept you’ve worked with, but haven’t quite fully grasped.

This talk is a bit about fighting imposter syndrome (what if everyone finds out I don’t know this - well, guess what? Now everyone knows!), a bit of general understanding that can hopefully help others, and a whole lot about how there are too many darn acronyms! Ideas covered in this talk: TCP/IP, the OSI model, ports, HTTP vs HTTPS, SSH, FTP, SFTP, SSL, and more.

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