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Introducing the Drupal Quality Initiative

October 27 2:30 PM-3:15 PM

Watch the session video here.

After writing many Drupal modules but finally faced with releasing my first Drupal contributed module (, I was faced with the following questions:

  • When do I consider the quality high enough to let others use the module? When do I move it from Alpha to Beta then to Production Ready?

It turned out these were not easy questions to answer. And right away it raised more questions: What elements go into the quality of software? What about the quality of the person or team creating the software?

In this presentation, I introduce the Drupal Quality Initiative, which I'm launching so that we, as a community, can figure out:

  • How do others measure quality in projects and particularly in software projects?
  • Is there a hierarchy of quality we can use to improve our teams and the projects we create?
  • What can we create that is Drupal-specific to help us make quality modules?

I start by providing a brief history of software quality and review the Software Engineering Institute's current version of their Capability Maturity Model.

I then propose a checklist for Drupal modules for you to assess quality and for the initiative to use as a starting point for continued work. 

Come to the presentation and join the Drupal Quality Initiative so that we can be proud of the projects we create!


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