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making decoupled drupal days actually decoupled

In the beginning, there was a conference called Decoupled Dev Days. It had a web site that was React but not actually decoupled at all. Then the next year, it became Decoupled Drupal Days and was still a static site. But this time, it was made with Gatsby. And as the days passed, and the content became more unmanageable, the need for a better CMS was needed. So Drupal was added and the site instantly became decoupled and easy to manage.

No.. Not really.

There were hoops to jump through, build problems, entity reference access issues and image conundrums.

This session will talk about the the problemsĀ solved while trying to make a fully decoupled site with GatsbyJS and Drupal8. How the site was created with little available content and slowly converted to a site where all the data came from the gatsby-source-drupal plugin instead of a bunch of janky flat files.

We will talk about how images were pulled in from the host that was serving Drupal, into a static site making the site very fast and responsive.

We will talk about the Future of GatsbyJS and Drupal source and starters, and places where the Drupal Community can help ease the problems identified.

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