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Module & Architecture Development + Drupal Composer, Custom Entities, and Plugins

October 26 3:45 PM-4:30 PM

Watch the session video here.

We'll review some of my findings while learning and building web applications in Drupal 8.

We'll go over architecture options for web applications built in Drupal 8. Modern PHP dependency management with Composer, Content Entities vs Nodes and when each is appropriate. We'll look at some excellent combinations of contrib modules and glue code to create flexible architectures.

Who is this for?

Though extensive experience with these is not necessary, you are at least familiar with:

  • D7/D8 Module Development
  • Composer

You are interested in grasping:

  • Composer for Drupal 8
  • Custom Entites
  • Complex relational architectures


  • Composer for custom modules
  • Custom fields via Plugins
  • Drupal Console badassery

Hope to see you at my session!

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