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This mysterious context - developer's adventure to multi-faceted enterprise level websites

Have you ever faced the need to fulfill the requirements of different business units within one docroot? Have you ever needed to build parts of your website to be separate entities and multi-site architecture wasn't an option?

Nowadays enterprise level companies often require to balance the functionality desired by different teams of the organizations under one web umbrella. During this session we will dive into an adventure of how to build multi-faceted websites with context in Drupal 8. We will cover the idea of sub-site architecture that is built on one Drupal Core and allows the subsite instances to be distinct from each other while still leaving on one Drupal core without multi-site approach.

Audience will learn base principles of subsites and context, menu system architecture for desktop and mobile, access control and editor workflows for subsites.

The presentation will be half theory half live demo (follow along style) so bring your laptops!

Come and join the adventure to an amazing world of advanced Drupal architectural solutions for large-scale websites.



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