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Talk nerdy to me: Translating technical jargon into plain speak for the rest of us

October 26 9:00 AM-9:45 AM

Watch the session video here.

So you've done something brilliant, and your client doesn't seem to appreciate it. Why is that? How do you get your clients hyped up about the amazing technical solutions you've built? They may ask you, What's the point in getting pumped about APIs? What's "Views", and why does it matter that Views comes bundled in Core? For that matter -- what's Core? Wasn't that a 2003 movie about sending a nuke into the center of the Earth?

Believe it or not, bridging the gap between those who understand technical talk and those who have Literally No Idea What You Just Said is easier than you think. This session will cover handy tips and tricks for demystifying your clients, friends, and family when it comes to all your magic technobabble.

In this session, I'll share a number of helpful techniques I've learned over the years working as a Drupal marketer with next-to-no technical expertise. I'll teach you:

  • A framework for boiling down your language into clear talk
  • How to translate your technical solutions into solutions for pain points
  • Question methods for gauging comprehension and determining technical expertise level

This session will contain plenty of time for questions and answers, so bring your trickiest word puzzles and we'll solve them together.

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