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Leigh Anderson

Sr. Marcomm Specialist / FFW

Over-caffeinated gif addict and emoji lover. I write words for FFW. Previously wrote for the Drupal Association. Lover of case studies and the oxford comma.

I've presented sessions on content at DrupalCon and TexasCamp. 

See Me At These Sessions

October 26

9:00 AM-9:45 AM

Talk nerdy to me: Translating technical jargon into plain speak for the rest of us

being human / people management / content strategy

Watch the session video here.

So you've done something brilliant, and your client doesn't seem to appreciate it. Why is that? How do you get your clients hyped up about the amazing technical solutions you've built? They may ask you, What's the point in getting pumped about APIs? What's "Views", and why does it matter that Views comes bundled in Core? For that matter -- what's Core? Wasn't that a 2003 movie about sending a nuke into the center of the Earth?