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We Are All On The Outside. Practice humanity through inclusion and accessibility.

We are all on the outside, even when we are on the inside. Understand and explore inclusive actions to make a wholesome community - Drupal, family, friends, and life.

What does that even mean, anyway?

Everyone is disabled sometimes. Everyone is an outsider sometimes. Each person is a mix of disabilities and abilities, privileged and oppressed. We are comprised of life experiences that we must be sensitive to in ourselves and others as we communicate.

Our charge as humans -  community focused humans - is to extend community and include those that are not just like yourself. Create a diverse and accessible environment to all.

Goals of this session:

  • Convey when an individual may not be easily acclimated to a group situation
  • Teach tools and approaches to provide an accessible group experience
  • Discuss our experiences and challenges challenges 
  • Surface inclusive and accessible methods to include all in group situations

Topics covered:

  • Explore the signs that may inform when you when you or others may be feeling on the “outside” or “different”.
  • Understand temporary disabilities, progressive disabilities, and personality traits that make joining a community possibly more challenging for others.
  • Use tools and communication methods to use empathy to welcome all people into your community, in whatever way is best for the individual.

About the speakers:

Aimee Degnan is an IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and a seasoned Drupal and Web Architect who helps audit and architect websites for better accessibility. She believes in eliminating all the barriers that exist for accessibility to help make the web more diverse through inclusivity. She is active in Drupal Community efforts for Diversity, Inclusion, Community, and accessibility.

AmyJune Hineline is an active organizer of the Drupal Accessibility meet-up and is passionate about accessible information for all. Her history as a health care professional provides a rich understanding of the challenges folks may need to overcome and how that may affect their interaction with the web and supporting tools.

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