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Dustin Boeger

Drupal Front-End Developer/Site Builder / Freelance

Hello World, Dustin here. I’m a web developer living in California. I am a fan of technology, science fiction, free diving, and CR@ZY SH!RTS.

I've worked a number of unique jobs, including corporate mascot, bouncer, tide pool interpreter, commercial urchin diver, and ghost writer. I've worked in some great industries, for Startups, Enterprise, Government, and Higher Education. I also freelance, focusing my efforts on open source content management systems.

When not staring a monitor pushing electrons around a screen, I can be found playing with my two sons, hooping it up in the Davis City League, chasing abalone, searching for good Thai/Indian food, hoping the Broncos don't implode yet again, planning to save the world with my dad and bro, lounging in my mothers pool, dreaming about the playa, and tasting the newest brew with my in-laws.