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Devanshu Arora

Head of Business Strategy / OpenSense Labs Pvt. Ltd.

As part of the founding team and heading Business Strategy at OpenSense Labs (, my primary role involves Strategic Vision, Product Development working through Agile Processes, Marketing Practices and over looking Operations.
Additionally, I am leading new business development initiatives at OpenSense Labs as well as forming business partnerships to propel growth.

We are India’s premium full-service Drupal agency. We specialize in Drupal & Product engineering and focus on delivering experience platforms to ensure client success and satisfaction across different industries.

At OpenSense Labs, my day-to-day involves providing consulting to C-Level executives with regards to partnering and offshoring solutions development and support specialized in Drupal, while growing and maintaining client relationships.
The highlight of my role involves iteratively improve on company strategies, primarily involving partnerships, marketing, capacity and long term goals.

If you have any questions about our Drupal expertise, I'd love to connect with you here or email me on Feel free to call me on +91-9871831141

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