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Jen Lampton

Co-Founder / Backdrop CMS

See Me At These Sessions

October 27

10:15 AM-11:00 AM

Why fork Drupal? The philosophy behind Backdrop CMS

beyond drupal / site building / editor experience

Watch the session video here.

Backdrop CMS is the Drupal fork. It is a faster and less-complex version of Drupal 7 with more features you want, and fewer you don't.

This session will highlight the Backdrop Mission, it's intended audience, and it's guiding principles.

We'll explain the decision making process, introduce the Project Management Committee, and expand on how the project's direction is set by the needs of the whole community.

2:30 PM-3:15 PM

The Drupal Fork: Backdrop CMS (live demo)

beyond drupal / editor experience / site building

Watch the session video here.

Come see Backdrop CMS in action.

This session will demonstrate some of the kinds of things you can do with Backdrop core alone. We'll walk through site-building tasks that showcase some of the differences between Backdrop and Drupal, but mostly you'll see how similar the two projects are.