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Leah Roderman

Senior Digital Communications Manager / ChangeLab Solutions

Hello BADCamp! Here's three things to know about me:

  • I have an interdisciplinary background in communications and web development. I've had the pleasure of working in a variety of different places with folks with a wide range of expertise. I believe there's always something to learn and always something to teach.
  • I work at ChangeLab Solutions, a nonprofit located in Oakland, CA. We are funded to partner with communities nationwide to improve health outcomes through law & policy solutions. If there are bike lanes, community gardens, or open school yards in your neighborhood, your city has taken steps to improve public health in this way!
  • I just completed 10 months of treatment for breast cancer in October! Chemo brain is no joke, so these days I take a LOT of notes and make funny faces when I'm trying to concentrate on what people are saying. 

I'm looking forward to learning more about what's new with Drupal development in preparation for a major site upgrade next year. We're working with the folks at ThinkShout and are hosted by Pantheon.