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Margaret Plett

Training Director / Promet Source

Margaret has over 25 years of experience in business technology, first as a marketing executive and a strategic and collaborative leader, and later as an independent website developer and trainer. From her time in marketing and consulting, she has amassed extensive experience managing the online presence of businesses and organizations. She has lead companies through every step of the website creation process, from defining requirements to website launch.

Margaret has a passion for training, and at Promet Source she is dedicated to providing the best instruction and mentoring possible to individuals and businesses alike. She has taught beginning and advanced users diverse topics ranging from basic computer use to Drupal configuration, as well as module development with PHP and more. In addition to teaching in the past year, Margaret helped Acquia rewrite their Drupal 7 curricula, took the lead in writing Acquia’s Drupal 8 curricula, and passed both the Acquia Certified Drupal 7 Developer and Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Developer exams, becoming one of the first 15 people in the world to achieve Drupal 8 Certified Developer status. 

When she’s not creating websites or teaching others, Margaret enjoys the outdoors on her 2005 Harley Davidson. Her personal goals include providing her two teenage daughters with ample opportunities to become full-on STEM wizards and volunteering her time and skills to promote diversity and awareness of important social issues in the United States.