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Julie Rogge

Arts Web Developer, Graphic Designer / UC Santa Cruz

Designer: Visual Design, Branding, UX/UI, Web Developer, Graphic Design MFA

Create coordinated branding systems for the UC Santa Cruz Arts Division and its departments: logotypes, typography and color, as well as branding for numerous research centers at UC Santa Cruz. Plus, branding for start-ups.

Front End Developer / User Experience Design
Design and create prototypes in Bootstrap for large DRUPAL websites. Expert branding, design, color, typographic skills and user experience skills. HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, responsive design.

Website Design
Design large websites for the University of California Arts Division and its departments: Art, Digital Arts and New Media, Film and Digital Media, History of Art and Visual Culture, Music, Theater Arts, and Games and Playable Media. Design and CSS for Institute of the Arts and Sciences.

Print design 
Design posters, book design, brochures, mailers, postcards, and promotional items. Signage design for digital and hand painted signs, banners design.

Team Player 
Work as lead designer with team that includes the dean, department chairs, faculty and programmers.

Art Direction / Photography
Art direct photography for web and print. Photograph arts events, create conceptual photographic images and take photo portraits. High end photoshop work.