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Drupal for the long haul: Maintaining and enhancing a large Drupal site for years

As a freelancer or agency, for some projects, we are hired to take it from design to launch and then the money runs out and we're "done". Maintenance is not in the project plan, so you move on to the next project.

Sometimes, though, you have a project that has the budget to sustain long-term maintenance and even healthy growth and evolution.

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How SVGs Power Product Configurators

SVGs are simply amazing. You are able to do so many things that are just not possible with JPEGs and PNGs. In this session we will demonstrate how Wilson Sporting Goods uses JavaScript to manipulate SVGs to change colors, insert logos, and rotate text to configure products. By using this technique, we are able to generate thousands of combinations allowing users to create stunningly realistic customized products.

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Reflections on the Community’s Governance Task Force

Drupal’s community governance has always been evolving, but recent community events have raised concerns amd shed light into potential shortcomings.  Several community members created a Governance Task Force to explore this topic in depth. We’ll review the events that led up to the formation of the task force, how this group was formed, the process used by the task force, and strategies we used to engage the community.This presentation will share results from this effort, including key themes from community members and the prominent ideas delivered in the task force’s proposal.

Login to Register - Past, Present, and Future has been a long-standing tool that has served Drupal community members with  an easy-to-use tool for creating Drupal sandboxes. This session walks through how people use SimplyTest and shares the various features of SimplyTest and the current underlying technical architecture, including the distributed computing infrastructure, use of LXC, and the Drupal 7 based provisioning platform. Based on lessons learned and emerging technology, a roadmap has been created to both modernize and evolve SimplyTest.

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