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Care & Feeding of Drupal Sites: How to Win Support

When a client comes to you, don’t start a project, start a relationship. The goal isn’t to solve individual problems, but have an ongoing conversation to assess client needs and find the best solutions. 

Supporting Drupal sites requires attention to not only technical needs but also human. The number one most important element of a support program is to make your clients feel comfortable and taken care of.  That requires a team of people who can all bring their own expertise and unique skills.

In this session, we will go over why site support matters, what skills it requires, and how to build lasting, sustainable relationships with your clients.  Our Support Manager and Account Manager will go over what each of our roles brings to those relationships.

Some topics we’ll cover:

  • What roles go into a support team
  • How we work together to run support projects large & small
  • Maintaining relationships with stakeholders
  • A case study showing how everything comes together

We’ll give you the tools to nurture long-lasting client relationships. Are you game? Let’s play. 

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