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Contributions, how to earn back from volunteering

Volunteering is cool, nobody questions that, but we are all pragmatic humans and thus need motivation. In this session I will share with you reflections derived from my experience of contribution to open source. Mostly it has been Drupal (6 years) and just recently initiated Gentoo Linux (6 months). During these 6 years I grew as a contributor to the status of a co-maintainer of Webform 8.x module.

We will not be talking about how to write a patch or stuff like that, but rather why it actually can be beneficial to your career of a developer to give away your time seemingly for free. Ideally you should already have at least a few commits/issue credits earned on, but do not be scared off in case you haven't yet.

With this session I seek to motivate more individual developers to experience the joy of contribution, help you anticipate some possible difficulties while you mature as a contributor and give you some ideas on how you could earn back from your open source contributions so it becomes a win-win game!

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