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Incorporating Content Strategy Into Prototyping Processes with GatherContent and Kalastatic.

Recently the field of static prototyping, living style guides, and front-end focused development tools has blossomed, and the adoption of these processes has entered into best practices. But we’ve always felt something was missing from this formula and the de-facto tools: Content Strategy.

Throughout the Discovery phase, the Design/UX team works hand in glove with our content team(s) to ensure that what goes into the website—the content—is as well considered as the information architecture and visual fidelity of our designs. But most tools remain woefully technical, and updating, massaging, and reviewing content in-situ early in the process require skill sets well outside the job description of most content focused team members and stakeholders.

Enter Kalastatic our very own open source, low to the ground Component Based Design focused suite of prototyping tools, and GatherContent: a content management and development platform that streamlines the way you gather and organize your client's content. Harnessing GatherContent’s excellent content development workflows and robust APIs through Kalastatic allows us to engage content teams during the prototyping process, getting us from architecture to validating in browser prototypes—along with content— quickly and efficiently.

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