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Tools of the Trade - Running a Small Drupal Shop

I've been running a small Drupal shop for several years now and have experimented with lots of tools and technologies to manage my workflow, contractors, and the financial aspects of my business. It's easy to waste a lot of time chasing the latest and greatest tools.

I'd like to share the tool set I'm currently using, things I've tried, and gaps that I still need to fill. Most of all, I'd love to hear what tools that others have used and why they choose them. 

Here are the categories I plan to discuss:

  • Financial tools (invoicing, time tracking, and bookkeeping)
  • Project management
  • Proposals and project bids
  • Contact management/marketing tools
  • Support tools
  • Development and workflow tools
  • Communications / chat

Let's talk about:

  • The most important tools for running a development shop
  • How to pick your tools and how often you should change them
  • When Google Docs is enough
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