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Dashboards: transforming your data into friendly and empowering tools for action

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but it can be unwieldy and inscrutable to the uninitiated. Sharing PDF exports is cumbersome and static. Analytics data may be spread across multiple accounts, making it hard to see the bigger picture.

To address these problems and more, we will look at how dashboards can turns analytics data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization. We will look at a number of popular dashboard options and how they might best apply to your needs.

Combine multiple data sources like Facebook, spreadsheets, MySQL, or large datasets to present a big picture on your campaign performance and move a team to action.

Think: Analytics meets Powerpoint. Think heads-up displays.


In this workshop, we will consider:

  • dashboard technologies: Google Data Studio, Databox, Tableau, PowerBI

  • middleware connectors like Segment that liberate your data for direct queries

  • growth strategies through analytics

  • broader digital marketing implications like automation

Attendees will receive a google data studio template as a takeaway, and gain an understanding of how to extend it for their own use.



Pre-selection note: This talk was instantiated at Stanford, scaled up to a 3h workshop for the Association of Fundraising professionals, and reframed for Drupal North. Lots of great feedback so far and many aha moments expressed by attendees.

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