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The chase is on: how AMs and PMs can work together like Tom & Jerry in search of the golden cheese

Ying and yang, night and day. One completes the other one. Tom has no fun without Jerry. After years working solo, we have found our better halves. 

When a client relationship starts, both the Account Manager and the Project Manager are in search of success and profitability - the perfect golden cheese. One manages the work flow, while the other one keeps transparency and manages communications between agency and client. 

Find out how this dynamic duo oversees client, team, project and budget health. 

Some topics we’ll cover:

  • Roles & skills
  • Relationship to Product Owner and Scrum Master
  • Project phases
  • Client & team satisfaction


See how we make it work. This isn’t your typical game of cat and mouse - tension between the roles is good! Let’s play. 

Kristin. Esther.

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