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Conditional love

One of the more interesting additions to Drupal 8 is the core conditions API. Condition plugins are used to make decisions about all kinds of things like block visibility, layout choices, page manager variants, and even rules. Decisions can be based upon any available contextual information from the URL or session, as well as remote service calls, database queries, or almost any other source. 

I will walk through writing a simple condition plugin and then show some more complicated examples with configuration forms and unusual contexts.

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Introduction to Pragmatic Functional PHP

Watch the video session here.

Functional programming is a paradigm with origins in lambda calculus and the 1930's. Stack Overflow's developer surveys from both 2017 and 2018 show that the languages optimized for functional programming are low in popularity. However, the same survey recognizes that developers actually working in Elixir, Clojure, F#, and Haskell, actually love their languages much more than PHP or C developers.

So functional programming is unpopular but fun!

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Maximum PhpStorm

Watch the session video here.

As developers we struggle everyday to solve problems and we rely on development tools to help us puzzle through those problems. Years ago, I adopted PhpStorm to augment my skills and in doing so I've learned a lot of ways how to gain the most out of the tool.

Come as we break through the levels of complexity and level up your skills as we talk about:

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