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The Digital Personalization Effect

A three part blog series has inspired this session that dives into real life situations where Personalization (or lack thereof) has impacted my life from not only a personal perspective but business perspective as well. I will go through my own experiences with Personalization, why this has become such an important component in the digital world, and how it affects us in our day to day.


What will be covered:

Storytelling of:

  • Personalization interactions

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What's for Dinner? Using Predictive UX to Help Users Decide

Watch the session video here.

Making decisions is difficult. To put this into perspective, picture yourself trying to decide what’s for dinner. You go on your favorite meal ordering app to find something which offers you hundreds of options that you have to browse through and choose from. Now imagine that same application could predict what you’re in the mood for and display only those options, without you having to do a thing!

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Just What We Do: A Holistic Approach to Accessibility & Compliance

Walk away from this creatively practical, amusing, and down to earth look at Accessibility with a firm understanding of the Accessibility Life Cycle and the roles each of us plays in its success.

  • Better understand how Accessibility impacts all users

  • Learn the difference between WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 and see where 508 compliance fits in

  • Have a short list of common issues to help you set the stage with stakeholders

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Design for Non-designers

Watch the session video here.

Great design helps you reach your audience, increase credibility and achieve organizational goals. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s impractical to hire a designer for every visual task—whether it’s editing an image for social media, creating a flyer or an entire website. You may be left to your own devices when it comes to visual decisions.

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101 Usability improvements (more reasons to choose Backdrop CMS)

In this session we'll showcase many of the user experience improvements that went into (and are still going into...) Backdrop CMS.

Because Backdrop's audience is a slightly less technical crowd than Drupal's it was important that the software be more intuitive and easier for everyone learn. Because many Backdrop projects may be also be considering WordPress as a software solution, Backdrop needed to be nearly as straightforward while still retaining it's ability to produce more flexible highly customized websites.

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