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Simplest way to get to Eshleman is to use the bridge from the 2nd Floor of MLK Student Union


Many Drupallers dream of contributing to the Drupal project. But where do you begin? And more importantly, what are some of the tools you use to navigate the adventure successfully?

In this half-day training, we will discuss why contribution to open source is important and look at some of the tools necessary for working in the Drupal issue queue as a new contributor.

With Docker finally hitting its stride as a viable local development tool we’ve seen a huge surge in Docker Compose driven local development and DevOps tools. One such tool is Lando, risen like a Phoenix from the ashes (and lessons learned) of the Kalabox project.

Lando is for developers who want to quickly specify and painlessly spin up the services and tools needed to develop their projects by providing an easy way for developers of all skill levels to specify simple or complex requirements for their projects.